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First Music-Video coming in June 2016


Our very first music video for "Black Passion" will be coming out when the summer starts! The british production company Peaky Grinders was here in Berlin last week, where three long days of shooting in three completely diverse locations took place, to turn one of our most beloved songs into a visual piece of art. The video will be online and available to watch, enjoy and share in June 2016.

Stay on the Edge

Julios  G.

News on the upcoming new album:" We came with the flood"


We decided to take a small break from playing concerts and touring, to focus on composing new material for our second album. The new album will be calles "We came with the flood" and we´re already halfway through composing varied songs, combining our diverse influences and taking our music to the next level. We plan to get into the recording-studio in the summer and release the album in autumn 2016. We can´t wait to show the world what we´ve been working on.

Stay on the Edge

Julios  G.

First Endorsement-Deal: Turkish Cymbals


Edge of Ever has recieved its first endorsement-deal ! Our drummer Lucas is now a proud endorser ( artist ) of Turkish Cymbals , the distributor of “100% Handmade B20 turkish cymbals” in Germany.
A huge thanks go to Bülent and the Cymballand team for the great  advice  and support they gave us  to bring that drum-sound to the next level.
The new cymbals allow Lukas to exactly implement his ideas for a  crushing new sound for the second album.

Stay on the Edge

Julios  G.

Metal for Amnesty: Live in Berlin


The most important gig that we had until now had to be the one from this Friday .We headlined an amazing show in Werk9.
Together with the bands: Sycon, Johnny Death Shadow and Enemy I ,we managed to put on a great show for a greater cause. To collect money for the human-rights organisation Amnesty International .The outcome was even greater than anyone expected.
As a band we take what we sing and what we stand for very seriously (well except Black Passion ,don´t worry about those fictional lyrics) . We sing and we stand for every person out there and every person´s right to an adequate life with equal rights .Rich or poor ,local or foreign ,christian or muslim we all choose to stay together on the edge . Edge of Ever stands for destroying everything unjust in this world . It stands for solidarity. There are no illegal humans ,just illegal actions. Refugees are welcome. Those abusing and destroying our societies are not.

Stay on the Edge

Julios  G.

Rock Im Sixxxpack : Live in Austria


We had the honour to play at Rock Im Sixxpack in Austria .It was a blast playing for the first time outside of Germany and meeting a lot of new people and watching more awesome bands like local heroes Iconoclast . Let´s hope to visit Austria again for more concerts in 2016.

Stay on the Edge                               

Julios  G.

PowerPlay Magazine: Album Review


"There is a lot to say about this intriguing debut. Edge of Ever comprises several disparate members who by the band´s own admission have been drawn together in exceptional circumstances. They are not old friends, nor are they proffesionals from the same scene who found each other. Rather they are a group of individuals who share a common sense of frustration. That angst finds its way into "Global Ignition" but this album is so much more than an aggressive cry of rebellion against an unfair world. This intricately woven collection of diverse and atmospheric music is quite simply one of the most fascinating releases of the year.
Distincly modern sounding, often with elements of Killswitch Engage, this is one of those progressive records that has so much going on that to simply listen to it once will not do it justice.  With frenetic rhythms, polished guitar work and a vocaling performance from Minas Marston anchoring everything with genuine artistry, this is a wonderful album to really throw yourself into hearing. The symphonic, almost operatic "Cell of Thoughts" is masterful. Meanwhile the passionate decrying of Greece´s far right Golden Dawn party on "Serpent´s Blood" gives the album a politically charged edge. Each song flows seamlessly into the next, conjuring up a sense of a whole performance rather than a collection of individual numbers. There is a melodic beauty in "Headliner" as well as furious technical in the quite outstanding title track. It is interesting too to find these guys establishing themselves in the Teutonic canon of great bands like Kraftwerk and Rammstein by infusing the record with sublime electronic elements.
Though it may be a little too layered and thus can prove a little too much to take on the first listen, "Global Ignition" is a remarkable album that deserves all the praise in the world  "                                 

Michael Dodd - PowerPlay

Metal Hammer Magazine: Album Review


"Berliners Edge of Ever have brought a very professional impression to the Metal Hammer - editors  . Beginning with the atmospheric cover artwork of Global Ignition ,on to an impeccable production to mature and varied songwriting, nothing is really  wrong with this band  . The six musicians describe the music as a mixture of Classic Metal , Metalcore and Progressive Metal . Although of course the voice of frontman Minas Marston  ( one of three greek members ) is at the center of the dynamic bustle , the group can also convince rhythmically at the full and simultaneously set rough guitars and virtuoso keyboards in a well-balanced and very tastfull  proportion . Often not  even established bands  possess such a level."

Mathias Mineur - Metal Hammer

New Drummer Lucas Freise joins the band


We are very excited to welcome Lucas Freise to the Edge of Ever family! Lucas is a young talented  drummer from Hamburg , who has shown a great deal of motivation at practicing with the rest of the band in the last couple of months. .  Lucas first got into the world of music by playing piano before turning his attention to drumming .He is currently  at the professional programm of Drumtrainer in Berlin. We are glad to have filled this huge gap in our line-up and now we can focus on touring and composing for the next album .

Stay on the Edge

Julios G

Metalliville UK Webzine : Album Review

"..Edge Of Ever are a Berlin based multi-national six-piece; in fact multi-musical might nearly be more precise. Setting symphonic metal, industrial and thrash together can sometimes prove a risky business but should still be safe with gloves. E.O.E. appear to have tried them on. Not the easiest of tunes to get into, 'Calling The Stain', 'Coward', 'Cell Of Thoughts', 'Serpents Blood', 'Black Passin', 'Remember The Voice' and 'Traces To Nowhere' are a mixture of tunes you can get into after about five listens or halfway into the first.
Singer Minas Marston has the pipes that would also pay in either Nickelback, Linkin Park or Metallica with his angst caked green of a delivery and the keyboards you hear would also carry just as well over. Well tuited twin guitar behaviour and brutal driving lines see Edge Of Ever up the ante from an inauspicious slow start to an album that eventually draws its weapons. Some more might be nice please boys - this has signs of going places.. ."

Dave Attrill-Metalliville

click here for the full review

Zephyrs Odem DE Webzine : Album Review


".. Already the opener "Calling the Stain" contains all the strengths of the band, which lie beyond doubt in old school-celled riffs and melodies a la Saxon and Judas Priest with punky, some thrashy, attitude knead to a mixture that is not predictable but still catchy. In addition, a high recognition value by its own kind of compositions and sound. The bass smacks tidy, the up-tempoparts come into play and the keyboard attacks are well woven without resembling to Symphonic or Power Metal acts.
The lyrics come across very angry and therefore emphasize the energy that surrounds "Global Ignition" from the first note to the last. Singer Minas reinforces the punky side of the album and doesn´t back down from aggressive shoutings ,that can be partially asscociated with Metalcore , but are mixed in fact quite differently.. So who is on traditional metal or eighties material in modern sound, here can safely access and is just 5 minutes can sing along. ."

Florian-Zephyrs Odem

click here for the full review

Rock Hard Magazine : Album Review


".Three German and three Greeks struggled in Berlin to form a band together ,made it and created a pretty own interpretation of Prog and thus giving the genre something back from their original intention. Technically epic, it is at times associated with Metalcore structures and a corresponding force and as a result a kind of high -energy Prog arises ,served with quite often angry lyrics. . EDGE OF EVER are definitely a band that brings across an immense optimism and should come far with the vigor shown thus far ."

Jan Jaedike-RockHard#333

click here for the full review

The Rocker UK Webzine : Album Review

"..They’ve only been together a couple of years, but this debut hints at good things to come. They’re not a cheery bunch if the end of the world lyrics and themes are anything to by, but combined with great riffs and good arrangements, it makes for a compelling whole.
The mid section of the album from ‘Serpent´s Blood’ through ‘Black Passion’ and ‘Bury the Seals’ is just about as good as it gets in modern metal, and my hopes are high for their future.

Stuart Hamilton - The Rocker

Legacy Magazine : Album Review


"..Those who seek for innovation in Metal or just want to look for a band apart from the old pathes of ever repeating legends will find their destination with Edge Of Ever..Global Ignition is the first album made by the 6 artists, nevertheless no one should concider them to be newcomers. Too well thought out are the arrangements and too well produced was the record. Esspecially in terms of bass and drum sound the german band is surely ahead compared to some big players..Finally just add stylish guitar riffs and done is a record which will shoot into the annual as a surprise for every reviewer.. "

Manuel Stein - Legacy#094

Ragherrie Webzine : Concert Review

".... The band has already created quiet a unique sound that can be described as a melodic heavy metal with progressive and  core influences.The whole band gave an incredibly energetic performance and an amazing interaction with the audience especially by the vocalist Minas Marston,really remarkably convincing and effective packed...,this band is still an interesting one to listen to and keep your eyes open,because these guys would do the best to break through and take a chance to be out there. Who knows, who knows …!"

Laura Hartgers - Ragherrie Webzine

Global Ignition is out

Edge of Ever proudly present their debut-album "Global Ignition" . After only 8 months with the actual line-up the band entered the Plainsong Studios in Berlin April 2014 to start the recordings of the eleven songs .
      With band-members of diverse musical influences from the metal scene , the sound of the album can be described as unique , as it combines different aspects and elements of old-scchool Heavy Metal , Progressive Metal and Metalcore and more , as said by the band . It is however hard to categorize the style into a specific metal-genre , that´s why we would leave that to the critics and journalists.
     "Global Igntion" as a concept  mostly critisizes  today´s society  ,whether it is apathy ("Coward" ,"Bury the Seals" ) , egoism   ("Calling the Stain ")  ,destroying the Earth  ("Global Ignition" , "Towards the Sun") or even the rise of extremist violence  (Serpent´s Blood) . Songs however like "Cell of thoughts" , "Remember the voice" and "Black Passion " offer a more close look to different emotional layers of us as humans .
     The album was mastered by Vintage-Mastering , a company with years of perfecting metal-sounds of the likes of Septic Flesh and Spawn

Julios G.

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