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We Came With The Flood

1. A Distant Thunder
2. We Came With The Flood
3. Pitch Black Destiny
4. Je Suis Anglogergreekrustican
5. Slavephone
6. The World Will Die Even Without You
7. My Leech

1. Forsaken
2. Infinite Pledges
3. The Weathermaker
4. The Paintbox
5. Vegantichrist
6. Maidens on the Edge
7. The Silence

release date : 22/06/2018
label: Mighty Music
produced at Freakwave Studios
drums recorded by Randal "Randy" Black
vovals recorded by Björn Sypitzki
mastered by  Vintage Mastering

Global Ignition

1. Calling the Stain
2. Coward
3. Cell of Thoughts
4. Serpent´s Blood
5. Black Passion
6. Bury the Seals
7. Remember the Voice
8. Headliner
9. Traces to Nowhere
10. Global Ignition
11. Towards the Sun

release date : 14/10/2014
produced at Plainsong Studios
mastered by Vintage Mastering


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