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Edge of Ever is a greek/german Metal Band formed in December 2012 in Berlin, Germany.
This isn´t your typical band with members who used to  hang out together as kids and decided to make a band nor it is a partnership between well- estblished musicians  from different bands of the local scene .The members of Edge of Ever couldn´t be more different from one another : Different nationalities , age , language , musical experience and even different tastes in the very diversed genre of heavy metal music.

An experienced middle-aged musician , who although dedicates his life into music ,still feels the years of neglection from the music-industry.
An inexperienced but artistic individual , in a foreign land ,frustrated  by the  conservative and close-minded society,he grew up in.
A gifted  musician , who became a victim of the financial crisis hitting southern Europe.
A passionate individual , who through his  grey every-day life , seeks acceptance. and wants to be heard.
A very young but talented musician , who struggles between work and education ,to make a life .

It is not important how we found each other but why . To put the neglections ,the frustrations ,the passion and the dreams , into what makes everything have sense : music
By doing so ,we became a group of brothers , who through our music  adress different issues of society . Subjects such as lack ofjustice  , human apathy ,egoism , destroying our own world ,violence and extremism are all  projected and confronted throughout the songs of Edge of Ever , as well  more personal issues , such as self-reflection and grief.
The music itself is hard to define . The love of pure old-school heavy metal is there , which combined with progressive , melodic arrangements and even breakdowns , makes it hard to classify as a specific genre. We´ll leave all of you to listen to the music  and decide for yourself.

.Stay Metal - Stay on the Edge

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